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Nov 29, 2018

Dispatch Console Resources


Before spending municipal dollars on dispatch center furniture, research your options. Understanding the nuances of technology furniture - design, materials, finishes, features - will help you choose products that will last for a decade or more.

Read on to discover in-depth information on a variety of categories, all worth considering before you buy dispatch consoles.


Product Information & Buying Guides

If your organization is considering new dispatch furniture this year, now’s the time to get up to speed on the latest trends and options in dispatch desks and workstations. While some features are standard, details matter.

These resources will help teams better understand the unique features of complex technology furniture, including 911 dispatcher consoles. You’ll also discover opportunities to inspect furniture from multiple vendors before you make your decision.  


Product information and buying guides eases the dispatch console purchase process.Make Sure You "Kick the Tires" on Dispatch Console Furniture in 2018 

The lesser-known benefits of investing in “special” dispatch console desks 

Do Operators Benefit from “Special” 911 Dispatch Console Desks? 

911 Dispatch Console Furniture Quick-Start Buyer's Guide 

Shop wisely for 911 dispatch furniture: Up the ROI with better design 

Shop wisely for 911 dispatch furniture: What does your PSAP team need? 

Shop wisely for your 911 dispatch furniture and get more bang for the buck! 

Click here and get the guide.


Dispatch Console Features & Accessories

911 dispatcher workstation “features” and “accessories” include items like height adjustability, environment controls, cable channels, and even cup holders.

Features and accessories, from sit-to-stand height adjustment to the cup holder, play an important role in protecting technology and keeping shift workers focused on their mission critical work.

Use these resources as a starting point for understanding how well-designed features address common user pain points.


Dispatch console features and accessories are uniquely designed for operators, IT techs and facility managers.Reduce Eye Strain with Dispatch Console Lighting 

Top 3 Treadmills for Your Dispatch Console Workstation

New USB Connection May Impact Your PSAP 

Do your public safety dispatch consoles have multi-ports? Here’s why they should. 

New Console Trends Put the User First, Boost Employee Satisfaction 

Future Proofing the 21st Century PSAP with Multi-Monitor Arrays 

Best Heating & Cooling Options For Dispatch Consoles 

Piezo Anti-Collision Technology for Height-Adjustable Consoles 


Emergency & 911 Dispatch Consoles

Durability is king - especially for 24/7 municipal agencies. Most comm centers purchase dispatch consoles every 7-12 years. For some PSAPs, workstations have to last 15-20 years.

It is important to note that not all dispatch consoles are engineered and built for lasting durability. Using the right materials for the right application is one way manufacturers engineer furniture to withstand 24/7 shift work. Identifying the right materials for the job is one of Watson’s chief manufacturing competencies, evidenced by Lake Oswego, Oregon’s 23-year-old dispatch consoles.

Learn more about why 911 dispatchers need specialized workstations, what to look for when researching emergency dispatch consoles and tips for outfitting a center that weathers change.


911 dispatch workstations house technology and promote operator focus with adjustment and environment controls.Future-Proof Your Emergency Dispatch Consoles 

3 Trends in 911 Call Center Design 

Do Operators Benefit from “Special” 911 Dispatch Console Desks? 

Shop wisely for 911 dispatch furniture: Up the ROI with better design 

Shop wisely for 911 dispatch furniture: What does your PSAP team need? 

Shop wisely for your 911 dispatch furniture and get more bang for the buck! 

Why should you consider FCC title 47 when selecting dispatch consoles?

Workstation Ergonomics & Wellness

Dispatchers spend a lot of time at their consoles and often endure high levels of stress. The effects of stress can lead to burnout and churn.

PSAPs invest in their dispatchers’ physical and mental health by providing feature-rich dispatch console desks that keep operators comfortable, boost their focus and help them decompress after tough calls.

Learn how specific dispatch console features can improve operator health and reduce stress. 

Workstation ergonomic and health features include sit-to-stand adjustment.RESOURCES:

Top 3 Treadmills for Your Dispatch Console Workstation 

Reduce Eye Strain with Dispatch Console Lighting 

A Clean Dispatch Console is Good for Your Health →

Watson's Dispatch Workstations Contain Healthy Materials  

Does Your Dispatch Center Design Boost Operator Retention?

911 Dispatcher Desk Increases Job Satisfaction

The Dispatch Console Treadmill: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly →


Dispatch console desk “trends” are established when field-tested change proves valuable to the operator, agency and the constituents PSAP teams serve. These trends reflect improvements in space planning, workplace and workstation design, and technology innovation and standardization.

How will you outfit your center the next time around? Read on for thought starters on how to help improve your team’s collaboration potential, traffic and communication patterns, and tips for boosting general wellness.  

Dispatch console trends promote operator focus and health.


Do Operators Benefit from “Special” 911 Dispatch Console Desks 

3 Trends in 911 Call Center Design 

The Cornerstone of Effective PSAP Workplace Design


Case Studies

Learning from other agencies is one way you can accelerate your dispatch console research. Case studies, like these, give your team insight into common and unique challenges faced by PSAPs, security and critical operations teams.

Case studies and project profiles give you visibility to dispatch consoles in specific applications.Weber Area Dispatch 911 (Project Profile)  

Washington State DOT (Project Profile) 

Northwestern University (Project Profile) 

Stockton Communications Center is LEED Silver Certified (Project Profile) 

Ravalli County 911 (Project Profile) 

Kern County Fire ECC (Project Profile) 



Watson Consoles Product Lines

Watson Consoles created the first modern 911 dispatch console and continues to innovate. The Watson portfolio offers both 90 degree and linear workstations. Choose the style that best supports your space and team’s work style. Storage units, lockers, meeting and conference tables are perfect for debriefing, training and administrative areas.


Watson's Mercury consoles are preferred for superior tech integraiton and space planning efficiency.Mercury Pro  
Mercury Pro is the future of console furniture with unmatched comfort controls and better tech integration than ever before.

Mercury Lite 
Mercury Lite provides height-adjustability, scalable tech integration, and 24/7 durability for those on a budget.

Synergy Pro 
Synergy Pro delivers ergonomics, comfort controls and tech integration for active 24/7 environments.

Synergy freestanding consoles suit 90 degree space planning.Synergy Lite 
Synergy Lite is a freestanding 90 degree console with full height-adjustablility and basic tech integration.


Multi-functional lockers, mobile units and stationary cabinets provide open or concealed storage for supplies and personal gear.

Watson Consoles Flip tables deploy, stow and repurpose.Tables & More 

Centralized debriefing and training space is critical for operations and response teams.  All Watson tables and desks are designed and manufactured for lasting durability in high-energy centers.