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Apr 17, 2018 Before You Buy

Dispatch Conference Expos Offer Free Access to Industry Experts

Dispatch conference expos offer FREE access to industry experts.Function? Durability? Style? Cost. At a conference expo, your team can conduct thorough research (in one location) by evaluating how multiple vendors score in each of these areas. Even if you are not currently "buying," keep in mind that  your team is more likely to SECURE FUNDING if you provide a clear case for the need along with product comparisons and budget numbers.

Be "in the know" to get your budget green light

If you have ever dealt with 911 center equipment procurement, you know that funding is fickle. If you are prepared with the right information, you can ease the buying process:

  1. Make a strong case for why upgrades are necessary.
  2. Be ready with high-function, budget-appropriate suggestions.

Put an expo tour on the must-do list

You will find relevant information and product demos for technology, consulting services, furniture, vehicles, and much more. In this video, taken at an association expo, you can see that dispatchers, IT and comm leaders are interested in unique features of these console workstations. 

view this tradeshow demo testimonial

When stakeholders with different perspectives demo the same products at different times, they are more likely to tune-in to user-specific benefits. Encourage deep-dive conversations and empower your team members to share their discoveries with the group. The more information you have, the better decision you can make when it comes to budget and prioritizing feature sets.

Consider a checklist for each type of product that your team members will be reviewing. Have them evaluate features that are important to the work they do every day.

Here is a simple, sample checklist for teams evaluating dispatch console workstations.


IT Manager

Facility Manager

(range, noise)

Ease of Installation
(equipment, cabling/wire management)

(materials, specs, customer referrals)

Focal Depth Adjustment
(range, noise)

Maintenance Access
(number of access points, ease of access)

Health & Wellness
(materials, "low emitting", human factors)

Heating, Cooling
(effectiveness, noise)

(equipment cavity space, ventilation, connections, grounding)

Use of Space
(compact and functional, can be moved or reconfigured)

See Watson Consoles + other product and service demos at:

Navigator 2018 - April 24-26 - Las Vegas, NV

Visit the Navigator homepage for more information.


NENA 2018 - June 16-21 - Nashville, TN

Visit the NENA association website to learn more.

APCO 2018 - August 5-8, Las Vegas, NV

View the APCO program schedule.



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