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Jul 02, 2015 Product Update

Piezo Anti-Collision Technology for Height-Adjustable Consoles

Watson Consoles - Mercury Piezo Technology from Watson on Vimeo.

Linak’s Piezo anti-collision technology is now a standard feature included on all Mercury consoles. The new leg system increases product safety and reduces risk of property damage. The built-in Piezo sensoris highly sensitive and reacts quickly to hard obstructions when raising or lowering the worksurface. No additional programming is required by the user.

Please remember these important product features:

  • The Piezo sensor does not replace personal safety habits. Continue to keep pinch points clear at all times to prevent bodily injury and damage to furniture and equipment.
  • A desk with a heavier load will react slower than one with minimal ancillary equipment.
  • If the collision happens close to the leg column the stop will engage slower than a collision near the desk edge.
  • The sensor will engage only when the height adjustability feature is in use.
  • During the first second of height adjustment, the sensor will not prompt a full-stop.
  • Soft objects like chairs may not register as hard obstructions. Consequently, the sensor may not engage or react slowly.

Due to hardware fit and availability, the Piezo anti-collision technology is only available for Mercury consoles.


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