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May 30, 2018 Project Profile

Summit County 911 (Project Profile)

Summit County 911 UT Project ProfileThis Utah PSAP was ready to expand. The catch? They needed to add two positions to an already full room. In addition, they wanted the upgrade to support collaborative response and make the center feel lighter and brighter. Learn how effective use of space and modern workstation design were the keys to Summit's successful expansion. 

Function and style for a growing PSAP

The Summit County 911 Communications'  team is staffed by a lieutenant, two sergeants and 12 full time dispatchers. The team serves approximately 40,000 constituents and dispatches to 14 Summit County, Utah public service agencies. 


The primary challenges for Summit  were two-fold:

  1. The space - adding positions to an existing (and full) space without making it feel cramped.
  2. The timeline - a truncated timeline meant turning the project around quickly.

In addition to adding two more dispatch console desks to the room, the Summit team was clear that each position should have equal work space and amenities. The team also wanted secure, personal storage and centralized space for communal tools and supplies.


The Watson Consoles team, led by Regional Representative Eddie Creegan, worked closely with Dana Shaw to identify technology, facility and human factors needs.

Summit floorplan

Then the Watson design and project team engaged in rapid ideation to develop a solution. 

Summit - Render - 2

Design details boost focus and comfort at summit

The modest-sized team now shares seven dispatcher workstations and common storage within the call center. Each dispatcher can regulate heat, air and light for maximum comfort during long shifts. 

Just wanted to say we LOVE our WATSON CONSOLES!!!!  
Thank you for such a great "new" dispatch center and for pushing through our order so quickly!

Your installers were awesome! I appreciate your attentiveness to us and our "special " needs!

-Dana Shaw

Lockers hold mail and provide a dedicated space to stow personal belongings. Summit's cool grey pallet creates a  bright and welcoming space. 

A suite of amenities allow dispatchers to regulate heat, air and light for maximum comfort during long shifts.



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