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Jun 18, 2018 Before You Buy

Watson Consoles Offers Strongest 911 Dispatch Products Warranty

Watson Consoles offers best 911 dispatch products warranty - Lifetime plus 10Watson Consoles understands the way you operate and we design furniture to make your workday better. We are here to keep your consoles running as long as you need them. Watson Consoles now offers the industry's most comprehensive warranty for dispatch workstations. $0 maintenance for the first 10 years and lifetime coverage for all parts manufactured by Watson.


$0 maintenance for the first 10 years.

At no additional cost to you, Watson Consoles offers a lifetime warranty on ALL parts manufactured by Watson. This includes wood and metal parts such as worksurfaces, cabinets, doors & screens. If any Watson part fails at any time while installed with the original console purchaser, you’re covered! 

In addition, electronics and buy-out parts, along with associated freight and labor, are covered for 10 years. This includes lights, switches, lifting columns, and climate controls.

No other manufacturer offers this level of protection.

Lifetime Plus 10 - best warranty for 911 dispatch products


1. Compare, then decide.

We design products with our customers so we know what it takes to keep a center humming over the long haul. Our console workstations are built for the demands of the 24/7 communication center. That’s why we can offer peace of mind and lasting value with the industry’s best warranty.

$0 cost of ownership for the first 10 years of 911 dispatch workstation ownership.

2. Right materials, right application.

Watson has demonstrated superior expertise in both wood and steel manufacturing. Our unique materials approach results in exceptionally durable technology furniture. We believe so strongly in this that our consoles are covered by a lifetime warranty on ALL parts manufactured by Watson plus a 10 year warranty on ALL electronics and buy-out parts.

Watson Consoles is the only manufacturer to back their 911 dispatch products with a lifetime plus 10 warranty.

Click to learn more about our approach to using both steel and wood to create long-lasting 24/7 workstations that are functional and beautiful.

3. Engineered, tested, certified.

Watson Consoles is committed to providing solutions that are safe, functional and promote a focused and healthful workplace. We are guided by rigorous standards and audited by third-party experts.

Watson Consoles offers peace of mind and lasting value with the industry’s best warranty.

Watson Consoles understands the way you operate and we design furniture to make your workday better. With Watson on your side, you’ll never have to worry about your workstations. 
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