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Jun 27, 2017 Health & Wellness

NEAT Changes Get Big Results (Infographic)


Did you know?

Sitting for long periods stresses your joints, promotes back pain, reduces circulation, and increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. If you are a PSAP dispatcher, or part of the 100 million+ Americans that work at a desk every day, you have a little extra work to do to keep your health on track. The good news is that increasing your NEAT can significantly improve your health. You might be wondering, "What is NEAT?"

Non exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT, includes the basic movement we engage in on a daily basis - walking, typing, folding laundry, and much more. We all have opportunities to increase our level of NEAT activities at home and in the workplace. Increasing your activity by engaging in regular life activities promotes healthy metabolism, circulation and joint function, and boosts energy and caloric burn. 

During your work day, make time for movement 

Take a slow walk at lunchtime. Grab a PSAP workmate and walk to the corner and back or around the building. If you have a fitness band, start tracking your steps and amp up the pace to make your new goal.  Or use the time to diffuse the morning stress by listening to soothing tunes while you stroll. You'll find the fresh air and movement will give you an energy boost.

Have you tried standing while you work? Most telecommunications centers have sit-to-stand desks. Take advantage of this PSAP resource by changing your position three to five times daily. This helps strengthen core muscles and improves muscular and skeletal health. As a bonus, you'll  burn as many as 157 calories an hour while standing - that's enough to burn off your morning mocha.

You might find your new activity inspires your workmates. Get a group together for a trail walk or volunteer to help refurbish your local park trails. Activities like these boost your personal health and help build community.

Interested in more NEAT opportunities that you can do at work and home? These are great for everyone - from couch potatoes to movers and shakers.


Keep calm and move more for better health



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A few simple additions can help make your agency a more inviting place.

If you'd like to learn more about the research that has fueled the concern about sitting, read The Truth About Sitting: Hype vs, Fact or The Negative Health Effects of Sitting and How to Combat Them.